IML Label Production

IML Label Generation

Perfect Choice for Water, Beverage and PET Bottle

IML (In-Mould Labeling) systems technology uses IML elements in many products from water bottles to soft drink cans, from PET bottles to transparent containers. Let's take a look at IML loads, its advantages and why it is ideal for products such as water, beverages and PET bottles.

IML Labeling Fundamentals
IML is an operating technique that is integrated directly into the packaging material in the order that the product packaging produces. In this way, the label becomes a part of the packaging.

Why IML Tag?
Durability: IML labels are resistant to water, oil and chemicals. This extends the predictable shelf life.
Quality: Graphics and print quality are top-notch, providing detailed and vivid images.
Sustainability: IML labels do not cause problems in recycling and are environmentally friendly.

Ideal Option for Water, Beverage and PET Bottle

  • Water Label: Provides the waterproof properties of IML label, moisture-free and aesthetic protection of water bottles.
  • Beverage Label: Vibrant colors and high-quality printing help beverage brands stand out on the shelves.
  • PET Bottle Label: IML is in perfect harmony with the shape and design of PET bottles, durable and long lasting.
  • Transparent Label: Ideal for transparent containers; While showing product features, it can also convey the message of the brand.

In İkon Ambalaj Manisa IML Label Production facility; IML structures technology offers an excellent solution that adds value to the production of water, beverage and PET bottles, various food labels, paint packaging labels. It has many advantages in terms of both durability and aesthetics. If you want your packaging to stand out both functionally and visually, you should choose İkon Ambalaj IML Label placement.